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Guest Comments:

We ask our guests on each and every charter to write their comments and views on their vacation aboard Scorpio. These comments are our best advertisement and it never ceases to amaze us just how complimentary they are.

The following are not a selection of the best, they are all of them. They are not ammended or edited in any way, they are exactly as the guests wrote in Scorpio's log:

Jim & Jim, AL & TX USA - St Martin & BVI Charter - 2014

Floyd Edwards - St Martin to BVI Charter“Jim & I have thoroughly enjoyed our 8 days with you and would love to stay another 8 weeks.You are both so patient and thoughtful in every way and we sicerely enjoyed every minute. I feel much more confident as a sailor now that I have seen you handle Scorpio as a team - thanks for bearing up as I watched over your shoulder and asked question after question. The diving was tremendous and made the trip even more memorable. We will always remember "pay attention chaps" and look forward to chartering with you again.

Jim Floyd

Thank you  for a lovely and memorable sail with my old friend Jim Floyd, and my new friends if I may call you that.

Jan, thank you for your company and your superb cooking. Every meal was a delight.

Richard, thank you for your kind patience with a very novice diver and sailor.

Beat Navy! - Jim Edwards


Tom & Lorissa, CO USA - BVI Charter - 2014

Jansen - BVI



“We had the ABSOLUTE time of our lives on our trip.  Aside from the beautiful diving, snorkeling and sailing - Tom & I are exhausted from the sailing!, sharing Scorpio with you both was such a joy.  We feel very lucky to have met you both.

The food was DELICIOUS - the drinks were cold - the islands were beautiful - and the company was even better.  What more could we ask for?

Thank you again for making our honeymoon absolutely unforgetable."

Lorissa & Tom

Mike & Kate, UK - St Martin, Anguilla, St Barts & Saba Charter - 2014

Mike - Anguilla“On Scorpio life is such a thrill,

There's never an hour to kill,

An attentive crew that

Rehearses the man overboard drill.

Some wonderful fast and wet sailing which we greatly enjoyed.

Saba didn't disappoint and our impromptu night ashore to avoid the storm was great fun and added to the whole adventure.

Dancing the night away on St Martin, Jazz (of sorts) on Anguilla and lovely dining aboard Scorpio all added to this wonderful relaxing break.

Thank you again."

Kate & Mike


Tom & Jan, CA USA - St Vincent & the Grenadines Charter - 2014

“Rich & Jan have done it again!!  Just 3 years ago you introduced the BVI to us.  We trusted you to help us squeeze every exciting minute out of our precious days vacation and we were not disappointed.  Then... or now, both skipper & mate, host & hostess, guide & cook, divemaster & buddie have made our immersion into the Caribbean complete!

The accommodation aboard Scorpio is clean and comfortable, the al fresco dining idyllic and the cooking to die for!!  Just enough sailing to go with the fantastic scuba diving, snorkeling and relaxation to fill all the gaps in our expectations.

Salute to you Scorpio & crew - until we meet again."

Tom & Jan

Gary, Kathy & Kirt, TX USA - St Vincent & the Grenadines Charter - 2013

“We have absolutely loved being aboard Scorpio travelling from St Vincent in the north to Union Island at the southern tip of the Grenadines.

Rich arranged for a great tour of St Vincent which we all really enjoyed.  Both Rich & Jan are so knowledgable about the islands and can arrange for your envery need.

I would encourage enyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean to doit with Rich & Jan."

Kathy, Gary & Kirt

Steve & Virginia, CA USA - USVI & BVI Charter - 2013

Downie - St Croix

“A HUGE thank you....

......for being such gracious hosts

......for feeding us so well

......for the glorious saiing and diving

......for a truly wonderful vacation"

Steve & Virginia


Brian & Debi, AZ USA - Antigua to Dominica Charter - 2013

“Thank you both for making this the best charter vacation for us - Period.

We truly appreciate your flexibility in working in a once-in-a-lifetime, true sailing vacation.

The anchorages you selected were truly mangnificent and your knowledge of the islands we visited, Antigua, Guadeloupe and Dominica, was a very welcome adjunct to the trip.

The food wine menus were all spectacular - & thanks for the intro some excellent French wines.  The laughter and conversation after dinner was so much fun ans really memorable.

Continuing our trek to dive more of the Caribbean wasa brilliant success.  Your dive site selection and professionalism in leading the dives was truly impressive.

Scorpio is a beautiful yacht and the sailing was something special - Thank you for letting us sail your girl.  We appreciated the opportunity to enhance our sailing knowledge.

Finally, wecan't say enough to show our appreciation for anticipating and fully meeting our every need and expectation throughout the entire trip.  Reuniting with you on a sailing vacation is something we look forward to."

Brian & Debi

Dave & Amy, PA USA - USVI & BVI Charter - 2013

"Dave & I weren't sure if we were going to reall enjoy sharing someones home on the water.... but we really did!

Rich & Jan made us feel very comfortable aboard Scorpio.  We had a great relaxing time.  It was nice not to have to worry about a single thing on vacation, everything was taken care of.

Dave really enjoyed enjoyed his diving... I probably would have said the same but unfortunately I couldn't dive!!

This is something we would definitely do again but the quwestion then would be kids or no kids?!

Thanks for everything & maybe we'll see you again in a few years time."

Amy & Dave

Joseph & Nancy, NC USA - USVI & BVI Charter - 2013

Chipman - BVI
"Thank you so much for making our 1 year anniversary so specia!  It is something we will never forget.  You really catered to our every need. You have inspired Joseph to get certified to scuba dive so don't be surprised if you see him diving next to you inthe future!  We have seen beautiful fish, beautiful coral, beautiful beaches and beautiful sunsets - and we have photos of them all.

Jan, the food on the trip has been fantastic.  We enjoyed EVERYTHING you prepared.

We are really sad to be going back home to our jobs but we have such wonderful memories to take with us.  You will be highly recommended to our friends who want an adventure like this."


Joseph & Nancy

Ross, Buffy & Nora, IN USA - BVI Charter - 2013

Thank you for such a wonderful experience.
Perkins - BVI

Since this was the first sailing for our 7 year old daughter we thought a 3 night charter would be appropriate.  Unfortubateky we were wrong - we should have made it much longer

You've done a terrific job of hosting us, you have been extremely attentive to our needs and we have felt really at home during our stay.  Jan, we would also note that we have really enjoyed your meals, all the food has been creative and delicious.

Thank ypu again for being such gracious & accommodating hosts."


Ross, Buffy & Nora

Susan & Chris, Canada - Grenadines Charter - 2013

Chris & Susan Cressey“We had an absolutely wonderful time!

Great sailing, camaraderie & excellent food!! - Wouldn't have traded the experience for anything.

We feel so fortunate to have found Scorpio and her crew Richard & Jan."

Susan & Chris

Daniel & Monica, Brazil - BVI to the Grenadines, 3 Week Charter - 2013

"I never thought we were going to find aboard two people with the amount of skills that you have to perform the daily tasks aboard a yacht. You both are very competent and have a lot to be proud of.  Jan's cooking is mind blowing, each meal, doesn't matter if it was just a sandwich, a salad, or a full 3 course meal, was always superb.  We could always tell that the food had been very well planned, the cooking very well executed, always taking in consideration our specific tastes.  And still you manage to find time to help a lot in the sailing as well as keep the boat always clean and tidy.  You are a very good hostess and have a lot to be proud of.   Congratulations!!!   And Richard - I have come across people that like you have spent a lot of time on the sea, but none have the knowledge and skills you have. We had at times to do some difficult sailing in strong winds and high seas, and some very hard docking maneuvers and every time you came through, demonstrating how good you are at your job. You are a true captain born to command a ship!  And diving very well also!  I'm so glad that you also have this ability because every guest can enjoy scuba diving in safe and pleasant conditions. Daniel & MonicaCongratulations!

We are very grateful that you both helped us to know the Caribbean, it has been a long trip, 500+ miles isn't easy to sail in three weeks and add time for diving and to go ashore but you were great! This was our home and transport for the last three weeks and we certainly have enjoyed it a lot. Great fun sharing so many laughs.

I have no more words to say how pleased we are for your helping us in our journey! It was really unique for us and I could not be more happy that in Scorpio we found Jan and Richard and not anyone else. You two are as perfect as you can be!"


Many thanks

Daniel and Monica


Frank & Erin, MI USA - USVI & BVI Charter - 2012

Frank & Erin
" OMGosh!!  Where to begin??  By far the best trip of our lifetimes.....The diving and snorkeling was amazing; I felt like I was swimming in a gi-normous aquarium.  Richard & Jan couldn't have been more accommodating or more patient with us.  We really enjoyed our meals ashore on the islands BUT Jan's meals were especially delicious - and nobody scolded us for having seconds or even thirds (oink, oink!) . Thank you both for making this trip so unforgettable."


"The accommodation - fantastic!  A shocking amount of room down below and in our cabin, it was hard to believe we were on a sailboat.

Food - also fantastic.  And even a great assortment of snacks - we were never hungry.

Diving - world class, the RMS Rhone surprisingly easy, new sea life on every dive.  Every stop had world-class snorkeling.

Jan & Rich could not have been better hosts, we never wanted for a thing.

Sailing - the perfect experience!

The best trip we've ever taken by far!"


Jeff & Denise, NY USA - Grenadines Charter - 2012

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful honeymoon!  We feel like we got to do it all - from visiting the local villages to diving incredible spots to just chilling out. 
Jeff & DeniseJan - your cooking was superb and Jeff will definitely be asking for those recipes so we can make your pasta carbonara and tiramisu. Richard - your patience and thoughtfulness was perfect for my first time diving experience, however you may have spoiled my future diving experiences since you've set the bar so high!!

Thank you for this wonderful adventure, for opening your home and for being such great company over the past week.

Best wishes,"


"We had an absolutely amazing time on Scorpio for our honeymoon!  From the diving and snorkeling to the island tours and of course the excellent food, my first fig banana and some truly fantastic pina coladas!  The diving was fantastic and your laid back approach and knowledge made it the best diving I've ever done!  Thanks for a true adventure in the Caribbean.  We're already looking forward to exploring more of it.



Ron & Robin, CA USA - Grenadines Charter - 2012

Ron & Robin“Thank you so much for an amazing honeymoon!  Ron & I really enjoyed our week aboard Scorpio.

We were taken care of from the minute we landed in St Vincent.  The island tour you arranged was great.  We felt so welcome aboard the yacht right from the first night.

Jan – the cooking all week was so tasty, the menu changed daily and was always a wonderful surprise (Ron loved the tiramisu!!)

Richard – we really enjoyed all the diving & I was especially pleased with the laid back approach, we were never rushed in or out of the water and always felt very safe.  Thanks again for letting Ron get some real sailing experience.

We look forward to our return sometime in the future, though if you ever make it to the US our home is always open to you so feel free to visit.

We had a wonderful week.”



“I could not imagine a better way to spend our honeymoon.  The diving was great and I appreciated Richard’s knowledge of all things scuba related.  Above the waves I had amazing experiences I will never forget, sailing across from the Cays to Union Island is top of the list.

Thanks for the great week!”


Gary & Kathy, TX USA - USVI & BVI Charter - 2012

Hays- BVI

“This has been an absolutely incredible experience!  When Gary suggested that we do a sailing trip for our 25th wedding anniversary, I was a little reluctant.  However, now I can’t think a doing it any other way!  We have had so much fun, we have loved all of it – the food, the beautiful scenery, the diving, the snorkeling, the yacht, and the drinks, - I could go on and on!!  The most important thing though has been the company – we have really enjoyed getting to know the two of you.

Richard, thank you so much for all the help with my diving.  For the first time I really feel that I can handle keeping it “all together” and make it to the bottom!!

What more can I say? – It was simply a wonderful trip and we will be back!"

Gary & Kathy


David & Natalie, UT USA - USVI & BVI Charter - 2012

McCraigh 1 - BVI“When we booked our charter we experienced periods of excitement followed by bouts of sheer panic! – What if we spent eight days permanently seasick?  Will our cabin be uncomfortable?  Most impertinently, will we like the food?  - We soon found that we had no need to worry. – Everything was just perfect!

The added bonus was the company.  Your knowledge of the islands, their history and of course the sailing made for fascinating conversation.  The diving was superb!  Richard picked the best sites, even those ones that were “an ok dive”, as Richard put it, were absolutely brilliant.

McCraigh 2 - BVIDavid enjoyed the sailing so much that he is already fantasizing about a life spent sailing.  While that may  take a bit more convincing for Natalie, one thing is positively certain ….we wouldn’t hesitate to book another charter aboard Scorpio!

Thank you for welcoming us into your home and being such graceful hosts.

Best wishes,"

Natalie & David

Georgia & Alan, NC USA - USVI & BVI Charter - 2012

" Thanks very much for a wonderful vacation.  You have made this past week one we will never forget.
Gants - BVI
Jan, the food was simply fantastic, very healthy and full of flavour.  You kept us comfortable and wanting for nothing and the yacht was inviting and relaxing.

Richard, thank you so much for the scuba lessons, I feel so much more confident about diving now.  We can now look forward to much more diving and I will continue experimenting with the skills you have taught me.

The sailing this past week was the best we've ever experienced, and the lobster diner on Anagada was definitely a highlight of the week.

We can't thank you both enough for such a wonderful time - we enjoyed your company and getting to know you.  If you ever want to come to Charlotte let us know, we would love to have you as our guests."

Georgia & Alan
Jeff & Donna, WI, USA - USVI & BVI Charter - 2012

"Thank you for a wonderful week in your beautiful home.

Jeff & DonnaThe sailing, diving and hospitality were managed with such a sincere commitment to our enjoyment. Your love of what you do shows in every detail.

Thank you for making us feel so comfortable and welcome. The extra pounds are a testament to the fabulous meals. Jan, you are an outstanding chef... good thing our wetsuits are so stretchable! The tired muscles are a testament to the wonderful diving we experienced. Richard, thank you for your hard work, patience and preparation with each and every dive, they were magnificent.

We so enjoyed spending time with the two of you. It's an added bonus that such great hosts can become such good friends.

Thank you for the great sailing - what a peaceful, spiritual way to enjoy nature and traveling. We loved your stories and hearing about your experiences journeying around the world.

May your life continue to afford you the beautiful peaceful existence you have found and thank you for bringing us the joy and happiness of this week."

Jeff & Donna


Bob & Joan, Canada - USVI & BVI Charter - 2012

Bob & Joan"Scorpio you have been a delight!!

For me the sailing has been the highlight - taking the helm of this beautiful yacht was such a thrill.

This week has been so good for my soul! I have nothing but admiration and thanks for providing such a relaxed and peaceful week with GREAT meals and so many laughs. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us."
Hugs, Joan

THANK YOU! For making Joan's dream holiday come true. The smile on her face is the result of you and your beautiful yacht. I will never forget your kindness and hospitality, and great food!

Hope to see you again soon." Bob

Kate & Mike, UK - Grenadines to St Lucia Charter - 2012

Kate Mike

"What a perfect week!

Diving from the back of this yacht was a revelation in terms of luxury.

With Richard & Jan you will thrive...
You can sail, you can swim, you can dive....
We urge you to go...
Play on Scorpio...
And revel in being alive!!!

With many thanks,"

Kate & Mike

Craig & Paky, UK - Grenadines Charter - 2012

"Thank you for your fine hospitality and our wonderful return to the Grenadines.

It is very rare and so lucky to find such compatibility with strangers, but this was one of those occasions. I hope we have the opportunity to repeat - maybe in Belize?

The diving was excellent and an added bonus to this wonderful sailing trip. Rich's dive location at Chatham Bay was the best of all!

Great Sailing & Good Diving."

P & C

Michael & Kim, TX USA - Honeymoon Charter - BVI - 2011

Michael & Kim

"As two first time sailboat passengers, we weren't sure what were getting ourselves into. However from the moment we set foot on Scorpio, Jan and Richard couldn't have been more welcoming and accommodating. After the excitement of just getting married Scorpio was the perfect place to have our honeymoon. It was a great balance of lounging around and exploring the surrounding islands. Richard showed us the most beautiful places to snorkel, lounge, kayak and eat around the BVI. When we ate aboard the yacht, Jan's cooking was always absolutely delicious.

Thank you for a wonderful experience and great trip, food, drinks and conversation. We will never forget it and hope to see y'all again someday."

Michael & Kim

Terry & Sue, FL USA - USVI & BVI Charter - 2011

Sue Terry 1"Dear Rich & Jan - As you know this charter was a gift from my wife for my 60th birthday, kept totally secret from me until the night before our departure - Am I a lucky boy or what?!!!
Although there was some apprehension, trying to mentally prepare for a 7 day sailing charter within just a few hours - All I can say is WOW, unbelievable, magnificent, etc, etc!!!! Everything down here afloat, ashore and below the water is incredible to say the least. However, even with all of the natural beauty of this place, it still takes a charter that is properly planned, equipped and hosted by people who obviously care for what they do and enjoy sharing with their guests to make this thing work so well. I must say that both of you have far exceeded my expectations - Jan, you are an outstanding hostess and cook - Rich you are an excellent captain and divemaster. But way beyond that, I have thoroughly enjoyed your company, hospitality, great conversation and the fun we had together. I have had many great vacations but, because of you two, this has been the very best - I cannot think of a single thing that I would have changed except to have had a 10 or 14 day cruise aboard Scorpio. We'll be back!!"

Terry Cooprider 11/11/11
Sue Terry 2

"WOW!!!! - What else can I say? Except - thank you, thank you, thank you - for making this our best vacation ever! Although it was hard for me to keep this a surprise from Terry for 5 long months, his enjoyment of this trip (and mine) has far exceeded my every wish. Thank you for being such gracious hosts, everything was spectacular. We look forward to sailing with you again in the future. Keep safe in your travels."

Sue Cooprider 11/11/11
Linda & Michael, IL USA - Grenadines to Grenada Charter - 2011

Great vacation with Richard & Jan. You both made us feel welcome - starting with the pick-up at St Vincent airport – nice touch!

As an ex-charter broker I would highly recommend current charter brokers to book Scorpio. The yacht is a perfect size with extra space for a two pax charter.
Sailing was great and choice of diving sites was excellent. Best dive was off the Sisters in Carriacou – Richard’s knowledge of the area’s dive sites was spot on!

Linda & Michael in the GrenadinesWe had a week of breezy weather until we had to cover the long haul to Grenada (of course) – though I highly recommend that future Grenadine charter guests make the trip all the way to Grenada for the extra time sailing.

Jan’s food was excellent – she’s the perfect hostess. We hate to go home to my usual routine of not knowing what’s for dinner.

Thanks again for having us in your home for the week. If you ever head across to Belize give us a call and we will book for a couple of weeks sailing and diving.

Having chartered sailing yachts since the late 80’s Scorpio rates right at the top of my experiences – thanks again, and we do hope to hear about Belize some time in the future.”



I thought I would pass on my feelings about your yacht, your operation and your hospitality. First of all I do appreciate your willingness to allow me to take over the helm, even in some of the more critical operations (anchor/mooring). Your boat/home is laid out nicely and well appointed, clean, stable and fun. Your operation of offering more than just the usual ‘BVI charter’ is “thinking outside the box”. Your knowledge of the area, islands, waters shows well. You can tell that the two of you enjoy what you do. Scuba diving was just icing on a fantastic cake. Finally (speaking of food) the food was excellent, it was healthy, fresh and the portions were superb.

Our last “perfect” vacation was a charter, but this one trip of sailing the Grenadines to Grenada beat the last one hands down.

We both thank you and God bless you!”


Josh & Rebecca, MA USA - Honeymoon Charter - Grenadines - 2011

Levinsons in the Greandines"A perfect honeymoon trip. Richard & Jan were the perfect hosts, making us feel right at home whilst showing us the most beautiful harbors and beaches imaginable.

Richard was kind enough to teach us to scuba dive and took us on dives in areas with amazing fish life and coral formations. His experience and knowledge of the various dive sites in the Grenadines really helped make diving a fantastic experience for two guests who usually only snorkel.. We are now considering getting scuba certifications for ourselves.

Jan & Richard are excellent sailors who showed us the ropes (literally and figuratively), explaining the various workings of the boat and letting us have a go at sailing ourselves. We would recommend unreservedly this boat to anyone who wants to learn a bit about sailing or who simply wants to splash around in the waves at the bow and enjoy a good breeze.

Overall we had an excellent vacation with good meals, a good breeze, lots of time to swim, snorkel, sun, sit in the shade and read.

Thanks very much for sharing your yacht with us – this is my (Josh’s) first time chartering and I cannot imagine a more perfect trip."

Rebecca & Josh
BJ, Beverly & Brianna, CO USA - Grenadines Charter - 2011

"GREAT boat week!! Rich & Jan were wonderful hosts, made us feel right at home the 1st time we met them. They took care of all our needs for the week.

Fetts in the Grenadines 2Good itinerary going between the islands and planned with us. Nice boat and good food and drink. They worked and cooked what we like and it was all very good. If scuba diving is your thing - this is the boat to be on and the people to be with. Just a great week." BJ

"We had a marvelous time on Scorpio. It will be hard to go home and take care of ourselves after a week of having everything done for us, even before we knew we needed it. Excellent food and company." Bev
Fetts in the Grenadines 1
"Thanks so much for everything - you guys are very good at what you do. This trip is one I will always remember, it was truly amazing." Brianna

Brian, Caroline & Kane, Washington, DC USA - BVI Charter - 2011

"Richard & Jan have made this a great week for my two 18 year old kids and me. The meals were all excellent and Richard & Jan were great company for each of the three of us.

We came to the BVI for the first time anticipating some great sailing on their well reputed yacht. As it turned out the winds were essentially dead, though they got the sails up at every possible opportunity. The unusually light winds made our biggest surprise all the more pleasant – SCUBA! Borders in the BVI

None of us had any previous experience beyond snorkeling. Richard was able to make us comfortable with the scuba gear and many and varied local opportunities. He is really an expert diver and a gifted teacher – patient, thorough and enthusiastic. Our scuba experience was far beyond any expectations and I felt perfectly comfortable with everything the kids and I did.

Richard & Jan know the islands very well and put together an itinerary that hit all the sweet spots – great anchorages and day stops, lively nights ashore whenever we wanted plus being very careful and accommodating of our arrival and departure plans.

The boat is very well maintained and stocked with everything one could think to ask for. Richard & Jan offered us great hospitality and still gave us plenty of space for our family vacation.

Bravo & many thanks!!”


Graham, Dianne & Alice, UK - Grenadines Charter - 2011

"We have had an absolutely wonderful time on board Scorpio. Richard & Jan have been the perfect hosts, always cheerful and positive, nothing is too much trouble for them.

The lead-up to the cruise was easy and we came well-informed thanks to Richard's advice and operational knowledge. The food was to die for, beautifully prepared and presented by Jan and using as much local produce as possible. The boat accommodation was very luxurious for the relatively small space, lots of little thoughts and touches made a real difference to our experience. Best of all, of course, was the beautiful Caribbean with it's rich variety of islands and wildlife. Despite some rocking and rolloing (of the boat) and some unseasonal rain it was the perfect holiday for our little trio."

Graham, Dianne & Alice
Greg, Ann & Charles, NH USA - BVI Charter - 2011

"What a wonderful week of sailing and fun we have had! Many thanks for your kindness and hospitality. Exploring the BVI with you has been a grand adventure.

What yummy meals and ample beverage – enough to satisfy God (aka Charlie), no easy feat. All in all it was great to spend this week aboard Scorpio to get to know you. You have a standing invitation to visit us in the choppy waters of New England. We wish you many more years of safe and spectacular sailing.

All our best wishes."

Greg, Ann & Charles

Note: Charles is 89 years young and has 57 years of offshore sailing experience!!

Ed, Neil & Scott, IL USA - BVI Charter - 2011

Hoyts in the BVI"Our thanks for a wonderful 4 days. Neil, Scott and I appreciate all you have done to make our trip everything we had hoped for. You are both charming, warm and made all 3 of us feel truly welcome.

The mix of sailing, diving, swimming and exploring was perfect. The meals Jan prepared were great, every meal an event – the food and company were way beyond our expectations! Your attention to detail and to our preferences was both noted and appreciated, but above all the tangible things you have given us a memory that will last forever!!

With our deepest thanks and highest regards."

Ed, Neil & Scott
Tom & Jan, CA USA - BVI Charter 2011
Diving the BVI
"Jan & Rich - you both truly walk your talk!!. This has been a very rewarding rest for both 'my' Jan and I. We both needed exactly what you offered and gave us this week.

The itinerary was excellent - the sight seeing, sailing, rest stops, anchorages, dives and snorleling were all brilliant. Jan's culinary expertise produced food which was both delicious and nutritious. The service and care and attention to detail left nothing to want. Rich's charming and candid commentaries made us both informed sailors and scuba divers and were very welcome. The boat was very comfortable, handled well and served us perfectly during this fantastic week.

We especially want to thank you for giving us a look at the 'cruising life'........ no pretense and a lot of good humor, just what we wanted."

Tom & Jan
EC & Susan, CA USA - Wedding Anniversary Charter - BVI - 2011

BVI Anniversary"For our 25th anniversary we wanted to do something 'special', and our week on SCORPIO was all that and more.

We leave today with very precious memories. The photos are beautiful but there is much more that cannot ever be captured in them - laughter, good conversation, the satisfaction of conquering fear (yes, diving!!).BVI Diving

The two of you have a lovely way of making all the work behind the scenes seem effortless as you anticipated our needs, for instance the sun warmed towels that magically appeared whenever we came out of the water - all these touches did not go unnoticed.

As first time charterers we had many concerns, Thank you for making our first experience such a great one!."

Susan & EC
Guilio & Alessandra, Italy - Grenadines - 2011
Julio & Alessandra in the Grenadines
"Thanks a lot for these wonderful days spent together with you on Scorpio. You are both very caring persons and that made everything perfect for us.

We will remember with joy the dinners on board - thanks Jan for the very good cooking, all the sailing routes around the Grenadines, the wonderful discussions at night about everything. And especially the kindness of your approach.

We do believe you are an amazing couple and we hope to see you again in the future."

Guilio & Alessandra
David & Michelle, TX USA - Wedding & Honeymoon Charter - BVI - 2010

BVI Wedding"Thank you for an amazing week!

All the work you did for us before the wedding was a tremendous help - We couldn't have had such a wonderful time without it. We were so happy to have the both of you be part of our special day.

We can't wait for the next trip.

We came aboard as customers - We left as friends."

David & Michelle
Jerry & Linda, MI USA - BVI Charter - 2010

"Wow.....What a great week!
Sailing, scuba, snorkelling, swimming, kayaking, tasting a bit of the local flavour, eating till we're stuffed on Jan's excellent cooking every day. As if that's not enough for an absolutely fabulous week, best of all was spending our time with Richard & Jan.
We had a great time vacationing with you two, tending to all our wants and needs while at the same time enhancing our holiday with your delightful personalities.
Sailing...what a blast. Scuba...the reefs are heathy and beautiful. Snorkelling in the various bays thru' the BVI. Kayaking rond the anchorages. Swimmimg at beautiful sandy beaches. Eating...eating...eating and tremendous company.

Thank you so much for a wonderful week.

Fair winds & following seas."

Jerry & Linda
Tom, Katie & Tia (5 yrs old) - St Martin, St Barts & Anguilla Charter - 2010

"A fantastic week - just as we'd hoped.

We were able to visit all the best bays in the Renaissance Islands. Each day was a perfect mix of sailing, snoozing, snorkelling, swimmimg and FOOD!!!!

Catering to Tia's constant and fickle "hunger" was a challenge which Jan met with great good humour. While Katie and I tremendously enjoyed the chance to take a proper break.

Tia can't wait to come back again - to say nothing of the two of us."

Tom, Katie & Tia

Ally & Joan, UK - Grenada, The Grenadines & St Vincent Charter - 2010

"It was wonderful to be back aboard s/y Scorpio, from the moment our plane touched down late in Grenada, where you kindly met us at the airport and arranged transport to the boat, your hospitality could not be surpassed - welcome drinks, the offer of a meal, shower and off for a comfortable night's sleep.

The itinerary you had arranged for the following ten days was magnificent, island hopping, taking in the very best of the beautiful anchorages for swimming in the azure blue waters, coral reefs for snorkelling and of course the diving.

We loved the diversity of the islands, the people, the culture, and for us - especially St Vincent where we explored Kingstown, the spectacular Botanical Gardens, the tropical rain forests and waterfalls stopping along the way to sample the truly local cuisine.

The Caribbean is the place to be and what better way of enjoying a holiday than sailing aboard 'Scorpio' - the 'Captain's' scrambled egg to get you started in the morning and the 'First Mate's' succulent dishes and fine wines in the evening whilst watching for the 'green flash' of the sunsets - thank you Richard & Jan or should that be Jan & Richard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - we will return."


Ally & Joan

Jim & Kaaren, WA USA - 4 week cruise St Lucia, The Grenadines & Grenada Charter - 2010

Jim & Kaaren"What a wonderful cruise with our most gracious hosts. The sailing was exceptional with great winds that saw the captain consistently hitting 9 knts and kicking every boat within sight of our vanishing stern. The food was superb from breakfast, lunch and dinner - fresh lobster, snapper and grouper that can only be described as absolutely delicious.
There was never a wonder of where we should go for the best anchorages or places to explore. Richard & Jan have all the best places figured out. Scuba diving was Absolutely the Best, far beyond what we have ever experienced. Richard is an exceptional dive leader with safety and concern for our enjoying the underwater world always first rate.Jim & Kaaren 1

To rate our trip...It was 5 star... on sailing, diving, eating, exploring and most importantly on a personal level. Richard & Jan - you are wonderful people and you will always be our personal friends - we look forward to meeting you again - hopefully in the near future!"

Jim & Kaaren

Gianni & Carolina, Italy - BVI Charter 2009Gianni & Carolina

"After a wonderful week we are ready to return to Italy.

About Scorpio - it's a very comfortable yacht. Jan & Richard are very professional and friendly and make the guests very welcome.

A particular compliment to Jan for the food which was very original and natural and to Richard forthe itinerary and being a great captain.

We return with fantastic images and memerories. Thank you again for all.

Speriamo di rivederci alle Grenadine."


Gianni & Carolina
Tom & Val, CA USA - BVI Charter 2009

Tom & Val"Our first time cruising in a sailing yacht. Wonderful experience. We had good weather and bad weather, but at all times we were in good hands. The Hough's meticulous seamanship is a comfort in any situation.
I expect I'll still be rocking with the boat for a few days, that's ok it will remind me what a great time we've had with Rich & Jan. We were lucky enough to experience their first charter voyage. They are so easy going and so welcoming. It was a delight to be with them for our 5 day adventure. We hope to travel with them again sometime. Jan is a fantastic cook and spoiled us 24/7. Rich is the knowledgeable captain who commands trust in every weather experience. We had a fabulous trip - thank you so much."

Val & Tom

Annaliese Blair, UK - Antigua Charter

Dear Janet & Richard

"Thanks for a great holiday. It couldn't have been better,
the yacht was fabulous, the diving brilliant, and you guys were great fun. Loved the yummy meals - I've already tried a couple of the recipes at home. I had a great time, I couldn’t have wished for more."


Olivia & Rob Neal, UK - Cruising Belize

Dear Richard & Janet

"What a great holiday. We loved your yacht, you are so lucky having such a home. You couldn't have made us feel more welcome and the food was five star. But the best part had to be the diving, we missed out on the whale sharks but what a second prize - two large makos and a giant bull shark! We even have the photos to prove it but the memories will be with us for ever."

Thanks again - until the next time,

Olivia & Rob.

Matt & Jean Findley, UK - Cruising Antigua, Montserrat, St Kitts & Nevis

Dear Jan & Richard

"We got back home without too much hassle. We would just like to thank you for a wonderful holiday on board your lovely yacht Scorpio. What a special way to see the Caribbean. We were delighted with the dive sights you took us to and thoroughly enjoyed the sailing experience - what a great skipper Richard is. Jan a special thanks to you for being such an attentive hostess - I'll need to get some of those recipes from you. You both worked very hard to make it a fantastic holiday. We wish you every success in your continuing venture and hope to join you on board again in the near future."

Our very best wishes, stay in touch.

Jean & Matt

Mike Cowie, UK - Antigua to BVI

"I had the pleasure of spending two weeks on Scorpio in the Caribbean with hosts Richard and Jan. It was the most wonderful and memorable experience. Quite apart from the obvious joys of sailing and island hopping under blue skies in the wonderful climate, I enjoyed Richard and Jan's excellent and relaxed company and generous hospitality. We enjoyed humour, entertaining conversation and also times of tranquillity - just the right mix. I was well fed and watered and at all times felt absolutely safe in their hands. Scorpio is beautifully maintained, Richard and Jan are fully familiar with every inch of her and her equipment and their approach to sailing and passage making was most professional and prudent which would give confidence to the most wary of guests.

I also had the great pleasure of being taken by Richard on some simple scuba dives. Though not the most confident diver I enjoyed "dive experiences" on three occasions. Richard was by far the best dive guide - knowledgeable, patient, relaxed and thorough but allowing sensible freedom to fully enjoy the experience within the limits of my capabilities."

Malcolm & Susan Blair, UK - Cruising Cuba

Dear Janet and Richard

"We just wanted to drop you a line to say how much we enjoyed our holiday with you. We had a wonderful time. Your yacht was so comfortable and well equipped - a pleasure to be on. Thanks for putting together such a great itinerary for us. The diving and snorkelling you introduced us to was absolutely amazing. I could go on and on but to put it in a nut shell it was a great experience and one that we'd love to repeat."

Best wishes,

Sue and Mal