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We are happy to arrange for you to be met at the airport on your arrival and to arrange a taxi to return you for departure, but choose the airport nearest to your intended cruising area even if this involves inter-island connections. Travelling across international borders requires customs and immigration clearance, which takes up your time and involves you in additional expense. It's best to maximize your time cruising and relaxing rather than passage-making to and from the destination of your choice.

The islands are laid-back - shorts and tee-shirt are as formal as it needs to get, whether for life aboard or for a trip ashore, only the most expensive restaurants demand more formal attire. Bring sandals for normal footwear and a pair of trainers if you want to enjoy a hike. A light rain-proof jacket is a good idea as showers aren't unknown at any time of the year. Needless to say a few changes of swim wear are obligatory.

A couple of beach towels for each person/week are provided as well as all bedding linen and bath towels but if you've got a preference of shower gel, shampoo or soap please bring it with you.

There is plenty of stowage space aboard Scorpio but please do pack in soft holdalls - trying to stow hard suitcases is a real pain!

Don't forget to bring your own snorkel, mask and fins. Although we have a few spare sets aboard we can't guarantee we'll have the right size for you.  Wetsuits are not a necessity and we do not provide them - water temperature is around 28 degrees C - however divers may feel more comfortable wearing one, a 2mm "shortie" is quite adequate but please bring your own.

Bring plenty of high-factor sun lotion and a sun hat - the sun is fierce even for those living here. It's also a good idea to pack some anti-seasickness medication just in case you find the boats motion doesn't always agree with you and don't forget an ample supply of any prescription meds you require.

Don't bother to pack a hair dryer; one is available for your use aboard. The yacht is equipped with a 230v 50 Hz AC power supply so be careful with US 110v 60Hz AC electrical items - connecting them to our supply may well ruin them. Normally mains powered chargers for laptop computers, mobile phones, etc. are compatible with various different mains voltages and frequencies but please check before connecting them.

US dollars are the universal currency and work in most places in this part of the world, though if you're chartering in the Grenadines, Antigua or St Lucia, you'll need to change to East Caribbean Dollars. VISA and Mastercard are accepted in many places and ATM's normally aren't too hard to find.