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For Info on the your BVI sailing and diving charter holiday:

Info on Scuba Diving in the BVI

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 Some guests definitely aren't novice divers;

Jerry celebrates 1000 dives!!

and his wife Linda joins in the fun.


                                               Barrier Reef, Belize


Combine Scuba Diving with Your Sailing Charter for the Perfect Caribbean Holiday

All of our guests can enjoy snorkelling on their vacation aboard Scorpio.
A selection of masks and fins are available for your use though
you may wish to bring your own to ensure a good fit. We have
an underwater digital camera which you are welcome to use
and will copy your photos to disc for you to take home.

Although we do not offer scuba diving certification
courses we are able to give complete novices
a taste of scuba diving through the
Discover Scuba Diving program.

For suitably qualified divers we are able to offer
guided diving to many of the dive sites in your
chosen charter area. We can also normally
arrange rendezvous with local dive schools
for more challenging dives if we are unable
to provide adequate surface support.

Scorpio is fully equipped for recreational scuba
diving with 4 full sets of quality scuba gear
(bcd's, regulators, tanks and weights)
all of which are available to our guests.
Air tanks are recharged with our on-board Bauer
15cfm electrically driven dive compressor.

Snorkelling and scuba diving - not using the
services of a dive school - is free with your charter.

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